How many words is this essay?

I'm doing an essay on why i think the xbox 360 is the greatest invention ever an it will be entered in a contest and if you win you get an 8 GB itouch and it needs to be 400 or lower words and my computer doesn't have a word count so can you copy and paste it on a document and tell me how many words it is. P.S. Im only in 5th grade so it might sound bad. and can you also tell me if its good or not. Here's my essay I think the xbox 360 is the greatest invention ever. The xbox 360 is a video game console assembled by Microsoft. As of January 14, 2009 worldwide, the 360 has sold over 27 million copies. Its first retail availability date in United States, Mexico, and Canada was November 22, 2005. On December 2, 2005 it was lunched in Europe. 8 days later it launched in Japan. One reason why I think the xbox 360 is the greatest invention ever is it attachment, xbox live. With xbox live you can play online with anyone in the world. So you could be playing in the United States and play against a man in Canada. Also with xbox live you can go to the xbox live marketplace and download game demos, game trailers, movies, music, or television shows all in high definition. Or you can put in a DVD and watch that on the xbox 360. My second why I think the xbox 360 is the greatest invention ever is that there are many kinds of xbox 360s with all different features. There are 4 types of a 360. They are the xbox 360 core, xbox 360 arcade, xbox 360 pro, and the xbox 360 elite. Today, the xbox 360 core isn’t available to buy because it was bundled up with loads of cables and wires and no one wanted to deal with setting it up so it didn’t sell and was later overtaken by the xbox 360 arcade. The xbox 360 pro and elite both include 2 wireless controllers, a headset that you can use to talk to people on xbox live, high definition audio and video, 1 free gold trial of xbox live, and both play original xbox games. The core and arcade can’t. My third and last reason why I think the xbox 360 is the greatest invention ever is that the graphics looks real. They are so amazing. When your playing a game like Madden 09 it looks like you are watching the game in real life in HD. Hence, I think the xbox 360 is the greatest invention ever because of xbox live, the kinds and features of the 4 types of the 360, and the high definition graphics. The xbox 360 is an awesome invention.

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  1. kokerboom says:

    It totals to 378 words.It sound pretty good for a 5th grade essay! I hope you win the iPod (:

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  3. cob says:

    holy crap your in the 5th grade?thats amazing you know alot about it so it was a good topic.oh yeah 578

  4. gyrfalcons says:

    378 words.thanks for the easy, I’m going to steal your essay, to enter that contest.