Has anyone competed in beauty pageants, if so could you answer some questions?

I'm doing an essay on beauty pageants for my college English class and I need to interview someone who has had experience with beauty pageants. So if anyone has had experience, please reply! :) It would mean a lot!If you are able, please message me back with your answers to the questions as soon as you can. I need to have them back by Wednesday if you can do that. Also, if you could please leave your name so I can properly refer to you in my paper that would be great. Don't worry, it's strictly for my essay.1) How long have you been doing pageants and why did you start doing them?2) What is your favorite part of competing in beauty pageants? What do you like most?3) What is your least favorite part of beauty pageants?4) Do you prefer to do Natural or Glitz pageants? Why?5) Why or why not do you think beauty pageants are good for little girls?6) What would you say to people who think beauty pageants for little girls are unhealthy or bad?7) What's the most valuable lesson you have learned from doing beauty pageants?8) What are some negatives of beauty pageants that you have experienced?9) What are some of the pageant moms/dads like? Are they too pushy or pretty supportive?Thanks so much! :)

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  1. teaneck says:

    All I know is you should always stand up with your head tall well thats atleast what my dad told me when he was drunk

  2. decimalizes says:

    1. Started when i was 5 years old. I am currently 18. I started because my parents thought i had talent to the enrolled me and by the time i understood what it was, i loved it and choose to continue.2. My favorite part would have to be the different scenes. Like one time its swimsuit, nest it ballgown. Also you meet girls from all over. some sweet and some…..not so sweet3. Having to travel like all the time. Also i always have to take classes for posture, and to work on my talents for the competiton which is singing and gymnastics.4. Well that is a tough one. I would think for when i was younger i liked natural because you cant wear wigs makeup and false teeth. It just natural and thats the best way because sometimes its over done. But now that i am older i like the glitz because i like the makeup and swimsuit competitons.5. I think if little girls so glitz pageants, that is not good for them. Some turn out way to materialistic and sort of snobby. But if they do natural and later glitz they have a sort of respect for others and thereself.6. Beauty pageants are good for little girls because it makes them feel special and beautiful. Really is no different than getting your 7 year old into cheerleading unless you do the glitz and go way overboard with the big hair over the top makeup and fake teeth. Natural pageants can encourage a child that they are important and they are pretty.7. That we all are beautiful. Also being cute, pretty or talented isnt a crime. Its something that is envied and is loved to be watched.8. Young girls gettin into it because of parents and are not happy with their hair, outfit or clothes whn it seems quite perfect.9. Some are very supportive like my parents who i am blessed to have and thank them for getting me into this. Others can be quite pushy and just are not happy about anything. If there child loses, they are vicious.Hope this helped. And my name is addison masters