Sartre, existentialism questions! Can someone please see if I am correct about these?

These are just some true and false questions, and I was wondering if someone could please look them over and tell me if I am right? I added question marks next to the ones I am not sure about!For Sartre essence precedes existence - FALSESartre and Heidegger belong to this same school of existentialism - FALSE (?)Sartre agrees that the future of man is man - TRUE Sartre claims that God exists but we do not see him. - TRUE Forlornness is not the result of human condition. - FALSEFor Sartre, man is indefinable because at first he is nothing. - TRUEAccording to Sartre existence can be easily explained. - (? help!)For Sartre nothingness is real - TRUEIn his essay, Sartre claims that his philosophy is optimistic. - TRUEThe conclusion of "Existentialism is Humanism" is that God′s providence is in charge of the people.- FALSE

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  1. ismet'e says:

    Everything is correct to my knowledge of Sartre, but i do not know the one you need help on sorry :(