Clever title for essay?

I already asked this question but didn't get any suggestions i liked. I am pro the use of animals in scientific research in my essay and I need a clever title, like a play on words.And people, it's just an essay. Please don't call me the epitome of evil for being pro animal research.

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7 Responses to “Clever title for essay?”

  1. hygieia says:

    “your momma”

  2. glyoxalic says:

    Animals Help Humans Survive

  3. saccade says:

    researching rhinosaurushehehhhhhh

  4. noncasual says:

    “Testing humans would be worse”"It is not only monkeying around”"Results require sacrifices”"It’s not so grave.”

  5. massena says:

    A Living Tool?

  6. cylindricule says:

    Some monkeys gotta do it. (As in somebodys gotta do it)Sorry, best i could come up with :P

  7. Eurytus says:

    i have several:Clinical Kitty ContributionsLabs in Labs: the good side(if you dont get im talking about labradors in labratories);)or Lifestyles of the helpful and hairy