Why shouldn’t men and women have equal rights?

I have to do a project for my history class about why women and men should not have equal rights. So far, all I can think of is that women should not play on the same sports teams as men since they have different physical structures. Can anyone find any online resources (essays or articles) that have any more ideas on this issue? Thanks so much!

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  1. eland says:

    1) Most women would not able to physically handle being in a front line infantry unit, so it is a good idea to not allow women to join the military and be infantry grunts. The Israeli’s tried it and it did not work that well. Case in point the average female weighs around close to 140 lbs. The average grunt on patrol in Afghanistan will be carrying close to 130lbs of gear. It is insane at best, stupid at worst to think that anybody could carry their own body weight for up 2-3 weeks at a time. 2) Sports- Women are allowed to compete on men’s teams but men are not allowed to compete on women’s team for the fact with a few exceptions men are naturally more athletic (IE stronger, faster, jump higher).

  2. acheronian says:

    They should.

  3. stigers says:

    Your sports example is not a good reason for why teams should be segregated by gender. There are women who are better and faster and more agile than men, and there are men who are slower, dumber, and less coordinated than women. Therefore, mandatory gender segregation in sports is just as bad as mandatory racial segregation in sports. Team membership should be based solely on performance, and if a woman can pass the physical requirements for joining an all-male team, then she should have the right to join, and vice versa.The only place where I think men and women should not have equal rights is deciding whether to keep a baby or abort it. Since it’s the woman’s body, she should have 100% decision authority and the man should have no rights at all. To give the man any rights on this issue is to force the woman to give birth or force her to abort against her will.

  4. sarraf says:

    Because Women aren’t happy with equal rights and never were. Plain and simple. Doesn’t matter what you do you will always have Women complaining and forming groups about something.Doesn’t matter if you make Men seconds class citizens and Women first class. You better believe it that Women would still be complaining about something that the Men are doing and why Women are oppressed.

  5. alnoite says:

    Well, what some people refer to as “rights”, aren’t really rights at all… Some people have “privileges” based on many different things…it could be their looks, wealth, talent, skill, social status, etc… Many on this forum confuse “privileges” with “rights”, of which the two are not the same.

  6. rowths says:

    Overall, I think men and women should have equal rights.What exactly does equal rights mean? Is having separate women’s and men’s teams really unequal rights? What about having separate restrooms? Actually, women often have “the right” to play on boys teams, but boys don’t have the right to play on girl’s teams, so if anything that’s an example of women having a privilege, not a right. We could simply get rid of men’s and women’s teams. The fact women get to play on a league created with standards women would never make otherwise, is not denying women a right, if anything it’s given them a privilege.The only thing that comes to mind to me is front line combat. I do overall think women should have the right to fight in combat, but I do think there are some good arguments against it as well.~

  7. worthlessly says:

    Men have superior rights compared to women. Report Abuse

  8. signalism says:

    These days, men have inferior rights compared with women, but more legal obligations. The US has a set of laws, titled The Violence Against Women Act. Yet, at least 40% of intimate partner violence is woman on man assaults. So, what’s the help for the men who are assaulted ? Or, the US allows women to relinquish ALL of their legal rights and obligations to their young children. See Legal Abandon laws. This isn’t a biologically based right, nor a medically based one. Equal Rights would demand that men ALSO be allowed to legally relinquish their legal rights and obligations to children they had no say about. Yet, the law allows only women to do this. The problem is the moment to moment definition of ‘equal rights’ in feminism. It means equal pay for UNequal work, and rights ONLY for women. Feminism IS sexism.