Why should nhl players be able to play in the olympics? this is for an essay- please go into detail?

With essays it is always always always in your best interest (did I mention always) to sit on the fence. Argue both sides. This makes for a much more interesting essay and is quite frankly easier to write. For every point you come up with you argue both sides of it. Your points may include: -Amateur vs Professional players in the olympics and whether they have distinct advantages.-What are the olympics about?- Even playing field or putting the best at each discipline out for each event-NHL players injuries and whether that's fair to the teams who pay them millions per year to play for them possibly being injured and costing the team millions in ticket sales. (IE. if Crosby was hurt at the olympics then ticket sales would tank in Pittsburgh)Depending on the length of essay your looking for that's a 5 paragraph essay right there. Introduction, 1st point argued both sides, 2nd point argued both sides, 3rd point argued both sides, and finally the Conclusion.

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4 Responses to “Why should nhl players be able to play in the olympics? this is for an essay- please go into detail?”

  1. Anatherum says:

    The Olympics are a tournament where each country shows off their top athletes and the NHL is the top hockey league in the world. We wouldn’t be putting in our top hockey players if NHL players couldn’t participate.

  2. Norwich says:

    Each country should be able to put their best native born players on the ice for the Olympics. Obviously there will be teams that are better than others since hockey isn’t necessarily “fully developed” in some countries, but still – most every nation that has a hockey team in the Olympics has some type of professional league. Which brings me to the amateur v. professional argument. The nature of all sports with the cost involved to travel a team for competition, training a team for the Olympics (big training centers, etc.) and ensuring that the athletes have some sort of compensation has made it vital for nearly every Olympic athlete compete professionally to some degree. Snowboarders have their Mt Dew or whatever tour where they win money, as do skiiers I believe. They also have sponsorships that help offset costs. So the amateur thing kind of goes away for most every sport in the Olympics, which takes me back to the original thought – Why not put the best players a country has on the ice, regardless of professional status?

  3. holozoic says:

    Because it’s every athlete’s dream to represent one’s country. Plus, this is really the only time that it’s a true tournament (or the truest it is going to get) to see which country is the best hockey nation.

  4. roquette says:

    There is mistaken belief that the Olympics are for amateur athletes only. The original olympics were held every four years for the glory of the Gods and nothing but the best were warranted. The modern Olympics were a rich man’s plaything for the elite to have a party to show off their athletic prowess. In order to keep the best athletes out of their party they decided that only amateur athletes were to take part. This worked well until politics took over. The political prestige of being the best in the world created the birth of the state athlete. Often military personnel whose main purpose in life was to play the game and not take part in military manoeuvres. In most sports other than the North American team sports the world’s best athletes compete on the world stage for money. No one has ever questioned whether a world cup skier has the right to ski in the Olympics. But an NHL hockey player or NBA basketball player is questioned because he is a professional. FIFA fought the Olympics and stage their own world cup in the opposite years from the Olympics. In fact the FIFA world cup is actually bigger than the Olympics in many minds. If the Olympics are the collection of the world’s best then NHL players should be allowed to participate. The only problem is that the Olympics are on at the same time as the NHL season. Perhaps like Basketball they should be part of the summer Olympics. That way the best could take part and not interfere with the NHL’s purpose of making money.