What should I study or do to prepare for selective school tests?

I am trying to get into a selective school namely Nossal High School or MacRob in Victoria this year. My teachers told me that I am currently at a year 10 level in my maths and english, but in my school report, I got around a end of year 8 level for maths and english. I am a straight A student in my school work, but my school standards are a little low.Is there anything I can do to prepare for the selective school entrance exams and what should I actually study? I am currently going over my sin/cos/tan stuff as well as some trig and I am doing some interest rates problem solving stuff concerning maths... I don't know if I am doing the correct revision for it and I do not know what to do to prepare for the essays, verbal reasoning or reading and comprehension tests.I realise that it is a little early to be worrying over this, but I want to start my revising early. Please help!

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  1. cychong says:

    My aunty got into MacRob and didnt like it. My friend got into nossal and said it was actually good. So i if i was you i would put Nossal done as first.With maths practice ascending decending things, sincostan and alot of number patens for the verbal reasoningWith the essay you only have 15 minutes. Apparently its the amount you write they look at, Not the quantity ( as my aunty says).Im not a pro at this because im not planning to try out for it.But good luck.