How did the New England colonies develop differently than the southern colonies?

Hi! In history class, I need to write an essay and I am have having some trouble developing my ideas. Here's the prompt, * Explain how the New England colonies developed differently than the southern colonies in the 1600s. How did they make their livings and how did they govern their colonies differently. Then discuss how these differences led to the manner in which each geographical area supported the American Revolution.* I know that the colonists in New England were generally more literate.... other than that, I am pretty lost... Thanks for your help:-)

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  1. jewish says:

    The biggest difference was the southern colonies were more agricultural (more farms and plantations) the New England colonies were more industrial (more factories, shipping, stores and shops.) The south would rely more on slaves for their labor, while the north relied on new immigrants to provide cheap labor. These differences, along with the fact that the southern states would favor state rule and the northern states would favored a stronger national government, would lead to the Civil War. Read more at the site below