Developing a thesis on Parenting using morals and superstition.?

Robert Coles argues that the moral education of children is essential to a well-functioning society. What does superstition serve in the lives of children that a pure moral education may fail to provide?Throughout my essay I want to incoporate the Simpsons on how Ned raises his kids and How Homer raises his kids.

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2 Responses to “Developing a thesis on Parenting using morals and superstition.?”

  1. marusho says:

    The simpsons sure make for an exciting essay on parenting!Good luck with that. ;)

  2. karaokes says:

    I am not entirely sure that Homer Simpson is a very clear example of superstition. but it would seem that superstition, like morals, can provide reasons for prohibiting certain behaviors and encouraging others. My first instinct would be that superstition, because it is less grounded than moral, can be a lot more broad and flexible in what it applies to and what sorts of behaviors you want to encourage. Superstition can teach someone to throw salt over their shoulder ever time it spills, but you’d be hard pressed to have morals do the same.