I need to write a 550-1100 word essay on violence, so can anybodygive me any ideas?

Violence is an act of being violent and to go for action, either for a good or a bad cause and may result in simple personal injury to even death! The violence by an individual can vary from a spontaneous and instant outburst by anger due to various reasons including abuse, insult, humiliation etc and the degree of action could vary depending on social bought up and character plus the degree of anger with circumstances taken into account for a happening! Say an abuse of a person, in one to one talk in isolation may not trigger a violence while the same made in front of other people, especially his close friends and relations or even his wife would change him so bad to express his anger by hands!Here, you can give an example as an incident as short story for others to accept and appreciate!Violence of men against women, mainly in home and later in the society can also be classified as per the degree of violent treatment meted out to women with varying degree by the people of varying degree of knowledge and social bought up! Added, the factors like the law, judiciary and the police to protect them against the domestic violence needs to be strengthened with women empowerment too!Violence unleashed by the police upon innocent and helpless people in their custody and committing everything as human rights violation in every nation needs to condemned by one and all and the democratic institutions including the judiciary must be given powers to check this violence by the people in uniform becoming criminals and they must be given exemplary punishment as deterrent to stop this practice forever! Every human abuse, insult coupled with physical violence against a law abiding honest citizen must be brought to light for nation wide condemnation!The violence by the organized gangsters for committing the robbery, murder, rape, women and children trafficking, forcing for prostitution, production, supply and distribution of all forms of narcotics like marijuana, hashish, heroin etc, hijacking of people and planes, ships and even keeping school kids as hostages for ransom etc, the transfer of arms and ammunition to insurgents in many nations and the organized violent suicide bombers and their network spreading wings worldwide - are all needs to be eliminated by united efforts of all the nations and a common code for arrest and punishment of the guilty for the international crimes must be evolved! An international jury can award the sentence to the terrorists who cross borders as insurgents to kill innocent people to set off communal violence etc!The most mindless violence with absolute brutality and killings by the terrorism of motivated terrorists of religious fundamentalists are need to be eliminated lock, stock and barrel and this total liquidation of these forces is the most essential for the survival of humanity to live in peace and in dignity!Hope the above is sufficient for you to stretch the essay to the level you want with interesting information!

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  1. skyscraper says:

    try writing about all the violence going on in iraq

  2. punctual says:

    That is pretty short. You can talk about how violence corrupts people and maybe how violence is a natural thing but needs to be control. Then maybe you can talk about the physiological damage that come with violence or maybe how abuse can come from it.

  3. reconsigns says:

    violence is instinctual, and with no outlet, it comes out in different ways. Think, caveman. We are all animals, the violent part of our nature is just not needed in todays society, and so people try to deny it rather than give it an outlet. Or, they choose to give it an inappropriate outlet, and end up fighting / killing.

  4. nonanoic says:


  5. damerau says:

    Write about the marasalvatrucha, the biggest gang in america.

  6. muliebral says:

    Try these by typing a key word or two into the search facility on the site, good luck.The Best Free Article Links. [external link] ESSAYS and LETTERS.I’ve put together a list of links for you to look at and hope that they help you with ideas, I would suggest airing on the side of caution and would also suggest that you don’t use these essays as your own. [external link] … [external link] … [external link] … [external link] …

  7. savory says:

    the topic violence is way too broad. narrow it down to something like “how violent video games influce violent behavior in children” or “increase in violence on tv” then you just need some subtopics

  8. sherin says:

    Violence begets violence.An eye for an eye leave the whole world blind (I think it was Gandhi who said that).Turn the other cheek.Children are/are not influenced by TV viloence (or along the same lines, the can distinguish cartoon violence from the real thing)Spanking is violence against children. It leads them to use violence to resolve their conflicts and make their displeasure known. It doesn’t make sense to tell them that hitting someone is wrong if you are going to turn around and hit them for it.Sometimes violence is a necessary evil.Mental/emotional abuse is more damaging than physical violence because it stays in the mind much longer than bruises stay on the body.I am a teacher and the last two would be the most interesting to me.

  9. fitter says:

    Violence is part of the world. There is no going around it. The world will never be at peace. Even the smallest disputes can unfold into something stupid but cause good friends to hate each other and fight.Cave men, animals, and everything else on the planet can show something in the form of voilence. The worst part being it only takes one mistake for it to start.Good luck on your essay.