Do you believe Disney cartoon movies are bad for kids?

my teacher thinks so, and we have to write an essay on that! WTF.lolif so why?

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16 Responses to “Do you believe Disney cartoon movies are bad for kids?”

  1. carrot says:

    no.. never did me any harm..signed,a person who wears tights on their head xxxxxxxxx

  2. pla says:

    Just the ones with Miley Cyrus in it

  3. logosnl says:

    it will scar them for life

  4. linna's says:

    their satanic subliminal messages are turning children into godless communists. jk, i have no idea.

  5. bedspread's says:

    No I do not. They are pretty silly, though.

  6. clemens says:

    If you were to analyze them I am sure you can find a wide variety of different things that may be perceived to be negative, especially in the older disney movies, circa 1950′s. Like negative stereotypes etc…

  7. nonimpartment says:

    If you think that Disney is a bad channel, you might as well not let your child watch television at all. Besides The Nightmare Before Christmas, I would not let young kids see that.

  8. Blow-Up says:

    you could say they are degrading towards women (the princess is always saved by a man), they are racist (up until this year there was never a black person in any of the movies)

  9. Adephaga says:

    ha ha so did i in 11th grade i was like you are sick and she was like grr

  10. degisir says:

    weird stuff! watch the Nationals Geographic for a full day, and then disney cartoon for a min, there is a change in sense

  11. alikewise says:

    I kind of understand where she’s coming from. while i love disney movies they can get a lot wrong aka pocahontas. That movie was REALLY historically inaccurate. Lets just say John smith was not a dashing blonde and pocahontas was 12.

  12. axwort says:

    i think they’re the best things that ever happened… but i guess you could say they inspire false hopes?

  13. retrieve says:

    umm well, my friend, her husband works for disney and they are gay

  14. sulpholysis says:

    NO they are good for kids and the whole family. I’ve never seen anything offensive in a Disney film.

  15. bvector says:

    What did disney ever do to you?

  16. abac says:

    No. I grew up on them, and turned out alright. (Other than that that I live in a cottage deep in an enchanted woods with a half dozen or more little people with funny names.)