Do you guys think I have a chance at Columbia?

Hey im a senior in high school and my number ONE school is Columbia University but Im doubting myself a lot lately. Last year my rank was 7 out of 700, I had a GPA of 3.7, I volunteered at my local hospital, I had a part time job where I was promoted, was accepted into the Science National Honor Society, Spanish Honor society, 7 AP classes (including this year), Ive been to a summer enrichment program at the University of Connecticut and took a course in Nanobiotechnology, Ive won an essay contest and received a 300$ savings bond from the New Britain Bar Association. I Used to live in NY and this year i live in Texas and its a big difference. My current rank is 22 but im working on that and in a college club and work for RICE University. So what do you guys think ?

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  1. solubilizing says:

    5.Do you guys think I have a chance at Columbia?Answer:Yes, we think that you have a chance at Columbia because everyone has a chance to go their. As long as you are interested to go abroad. why not?

  2. prosopyl says:

    You do have a chance but also be prepared to be declined. So apply to some back up schools as well. Columbia University is very hard to get in and they even decline valedictorians.

  3. foggers says:

    I think you have a chance. Maybe not a solid chance but definitely a chance. Apply. Never not apply because you doubt your odds of getting in. You’ll end up regretting it. Best of luck to you.