13 colonies fact sheet?

Its for this stupid essay due tomorrow. Heres the question:For each of the three colonial regions that is, the New England colonies, The middle Colonies and their southern colonies you are to do the following:Name all the colonies for each region Name the major cities and their state for each region Name the occupations (jobs) and crops for each region. PLEASE HELP.

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    The 13 colonies that formed the United States:(New England)Province of New HampshireProvince of Massachusetts BayColony of Rhode Island and the Providence PlantationsConnecticut Colony(Middle Colonies)Province of New YorkProvince of New JerseyProvince of PennsylvaniaDelaware Colony(Southern Colonies)Province of MarylandColony and Dominion of VirginiaProvince of North CarolinaProvince of South CarolinaProvince of Georgiaclick here for the Capitols of each Colony – [external link] …This site has all the major cities of each colony – [external link] …This site tells about working & farming in the colonies….. [external link]