Why so many thumbs down?

Why all the answers of Religion & Spirituality receives so many thumb down !Do we not have the guts to listen to others ?Or are we all so orthodox that we have a closed mind !Why can't we accept our religion openly ?Why can't we accept that all the religion says the same thing in different language !In our childhood most of us learned to write essay of many things.The boy of USA, India, and Saudi Arab would write differently about a object (say Gold). And all would be truth. And whatever way we describe the GOLD, it will remain GOLD only.Similarly whatever way we describe GOD, it would be the same GOD only.

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13 Responses to “Why so many thumbs down?”

  1. msworks says:

    You mean like this answer?

  2. ochlocratical says:

    Thumbs down, thumbs up, best answer or not, it is of no importance. What is of importance is that one question may inspire another individual in same way, answers received may inspire another individual in some way, if one believes in God, then leave it to God, do not worry over such trivial things.

  3. gscoord says:

    Many come here to preach, insult or troll around.

  4. fzcapit says:

    I don’t bother with thumbs up and thumbs down. I pass on the idiotic questions completely and on the intelligent questions I only answer. I have no need to read what others think of their answers in R’S. All the other communities I read everyone else’s answers, but in here, I just get really depressed to see how many self-righteous and lost people there truly are.

  5. malgudi says:

    Ranting about receiving a thumbs-down is redundant, don’t you think?My answers sometimes get more thumbs-down than thumbs-up, but I could care less.Don’t let people who dislike your answers bother you.

  6. MYRA says:

    if you say something stupid, you get thumbed down. thats how it goes

  7. vernacularity says:

    Thumb up=agreeThumb down=disagreeWhy do people treat the thumb down as some sort of insult?,it just means someone doesn’t agree with your answer.

  8. locellate says:

    OK Lets see. JESUS WASN´T THE SON OF GOD. THAT´S A RIDICULOUS IDEA IN MY OPINION.*sits back and waits for the ´thumbs´*

  9. parcplc says:

    As per darwin theory, we came from monkeys.

  10. crenature says:

    hey, as crapbag said a little bit ago: you can get thumbs down here for saying that puppies are cute. just ignore them. they’re meaningless anyway :p

  11. hemipyramid says:

    did you not notice how ‘we are working on some: as aboveWe are working on some updates — you may experience some odd behavior in the process.it is because of such of those thumbing downgod save yahoo answers.

  12. waddied says:

    I collect thumb’s down. When I have enough, I pour them into my blender, add ice, a pint of Russian vodka, a lemon and hit the ‘on’ switch.

  13. slurry says:

    Because it is not truth that all religions say the same thing in different language. The things are so contrasting that it is clear that one group is right and all the others are counterfeits. The sad thing is that those who have followed the wrong paths are convinced they are right- the devil has made sure of that. We are however not giving up on them because Jesus came down particularly for them and they will come to the knowledge of the truth. Atheists too!