Should I Take HL Economics or HL History?

so im a sophomore, going to be enrolled in the IB program during the fall. here are my decided classes so far:HL English 1AHL Spanish BHL Economics/HistorySL MandarinSL Math (possibly going to switch down to Math Studies if the course gets too challenging)SL BiologyMy school runs on a trimester sysetm, and for 1st term in History i had 78. however in 2nd term i had a 90. but EVERY essay test i took i have received a C on and i think one B. my point is, im not very good at history, especially the analysis part (something that IB wants you to be good at). so i looked to Economcis, but now my history teacher says that for next year they are chaninging Economics and making it more mathy. i have no idea to what extend they making it more mathy, but if it becomes very math based im afraid i wont be able to take it as im not very good at math AT ALL. and plus apparently you cant take Math Studies AND economics, because they wont let you. so im very worried about all of this.

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2 Responses to “Should I Take HL Economics or HL History?”

  1. cankiri says:

    History, I would take this subject because as you said Home Economics is becoming more Math-Like and your not really good at maths. In History you have more fun IMO (In my opinion)I chose Food technology this year and In my school Home economics has got to be the most boring subject ever.

  2. pilimiction says:

    I’d take Economics because it’s a good class to take and can help you later in life.