I need an interesting essay topic!?

Okay, in my english class we have been studying Romanticism, and poems from that period. We had to bring an annotated poem to class, now we have to write a paper on the poet that wrote that poem. My poet is Edgar Allan Poe. The thing is, the essay can be about ANYTHING connected to Poe. Even a thought process that leads to something, but started with Poe. Or is could be comparing something modern with something Poe wrote about or discussed. Anything related to Poe. Very broad. So... naturally it is hard to think of exactly what to write about. Please help? thanks.We also have to bring an annotated bibliography to class tomorrow, with websites that we will use to write our paper. So, if you know a website that relates to an interesting topic, that would be great.

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  1. pegology says:

    Just type in “Edgar Allan Poe Romanticism” in google.

  2. sicklied says:

    * Poe’s Gothic elements to Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein* Poe’s lyric poetry to Shel Silvertein’s poetry [external link] …* Poe’s personal tragedy and his poems