How should I start my OCD essay. My teacher said that I needed to have a real good attention getter, like something that will draw the reader in. I need suggestions ASAP, my paper is due monday, and it has to be 5-7 pages long :

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    I will assume that you are familiar with the behavior enacted by someone diagnosed with OCD, a lot of repetition, nothing is ever quite perfect enough, so perhaps you could begin your paper by remarking that you printed out 52 copies of the first page because of some small, imagined error with your printer? Too bad this is not a visual presentation, you could stand up front and straighten the papers for 5 minutes.But you need words. So maybe…..I get out of bed every morning at 5a.m. I have to get up that early because I have to spend 45 minutes washing my hands and face, then another 50 minutes brushing my teeth, followed by 20 minutes of flossing. Then I brush my hair exactly 60 times before getting dressed. I always put my shirt on first, making sure that all the buttons are buttoned before putting on my left sock. Then my right sock is put on before I can put my pants on, left leg first. Get the idea?

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    Your thoughts on OCD would be greatly appreciated also.Thanks :)