I have to write an essay and state who is to blame…Can i blame the author?

I was assigned an essay about who is the true villain in Frankenstein. How do u think my teacher would take it if i blamed the author because she wrote the book. Do u think he would take it as clever or not give me credit?thanks

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4 Responses to “I have to write an essay and state who is to blame…Can i blame the author?”

  1. sylvanity says:

    not a good idea

  2. rhinencephalous says:

    Well, no I wouldn’t try this at all. I tried being creative when it came to essays when I was in High School and I used to get in trouble for it so I stopped doing that sort of thing.If you’re having trouble deciding on who the villain is think about the themes of the novel. Dr. Frankenstein creates a monster using the parts of people he digs up and then because they don’t understand the origins of the creature and the creature itself the townspeople trap it and kill it.So then you could say the real villain in this sense is human ignorance and fear of the unknown. It’s not one particular person but a trait ingrained in humanity.Hope I helped.

  3. vapographic says:

    Probably wouldn’t give you credit.The teacher assigned this essay to make you critically think about the story as a whole, not to make a smartass comment about the author being at fault. That sort of answer doesn’t show any sort of thought and doesn’t even prove that you read the book at all.

  4. anyway says:

    I doubt he would give you credit because that would defeat the purpose of the entire essay.