Questions about implications of animal cloning?

I'm doing an essay on animal cloning and have to 'discuss any important biological, social, ethical, economic or environmental implications' relating to the issue. I also have to 'discuss differing opinions' of it.I've discussed economic and ethical implications, and done the differing opinions (religious, pro and anti animal cloning). Do these differing opinions come under social implications? And what are some examples of biological, social and environmental implications of animal cloning?Hope that's clear. Thanks in advance, and there's 10 points for the best answer!

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  1. pentail says:

    You seem to have covered most angles, but perhaps this is something you could look into. I remember reading something about cloned animals perhaps being more susceptible to viruses or diseases. Maybe because they are so genetically similar to each other, if a contagious virus effected a population of clones, all would potentially be killed. Basically there is decreased genetic variation in clones which could be bad if there was a disease/viral outbreak.Religious, pro and anti cloning DO come under social, but religion may also be considered ethical (Interfering with God blah blah blah) – Im an Atheist as you can see ha.Talk about the potential of stem cells being mass produced and thus used to create organs for transplant and also to cure nuerotransmission disorders like Parkinsons Disease….. i think it all ties in, may want to check it.