Hi I am wondering if anyone can help me out?i have a question about taxes?

I am supposed to write an essay on high taxes in the us,,, i am not asking for you guys to do my homework , i just thought i would get some thoughts on what some of the perks and downfalls to this issue are? thanks for your input and hope every one had a good Thanksgiving..

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4 Responses to “Hi I am wondering if anyone can help me out?i have a question about taxes?”

  1. pretenseful says:

    Here’s the simple truth: Governments do NOT spend money efficiently but individuals are greedy and won’t supply money for anything that doesn’t directly benifit them.You could fill a library with permutations of that sentence!

  2. veinwise says:

    you can search on google

  3. sandy's says:

    makes people poor, and gov. rich. maybe you could get a study of how many people support high taxes and why.

  4. gaugler says:

    I’m guessing you are talking about the negatives about high taxes in this country?Money is earned by people by hard work, smart work, risk (investments) or usury (interest).When government takes that money away what does the government do with the money? That money is spent to do things like build roads, schools, buy military equipment, and give out hand outs to the poor. Is that money spent wisely? The problem with government is that it spends money for things that no one wants or needs. A hundred years ago the government would have spending money on buggy whips to save that industry. The whip industry would have been going out of business due to the automobile. The free market can better decide these things. Higher taxes have historically hurt the economy. JFK lowered taxes in 1962 and the economy boomed for a decade. Nixon raised taxes to slow the economy and inflation but went too far. Carter didn’t recognize the obvious and raised taxes again. The economy was very bad during Carter. Reagan lowered taxes and the economy boomed again. Even the Clinton tax increases didn’t stop the economy this time.Taxes are a necessary evil but like some poisons; they should be used with care.