Do I have a chance of getting into NYU or Boston College?

I lived in France from age 7-16, so my 9th and 10th year grades don't have Honors or APs since those don't exist in France. Therefore my GPA isn't high when it is cumulative (2.9) but if you look at my Junior year of HS it is 4.1. And my senior grades are looking the same so far.I took 2 AP exams last year: Psychology and French, and got 5 on both.I am taking AP European History this year and ALL Honors classes.My SAT scores haven't come in yet for the most recent one, but previously I got 1800 (can't remember exactly but it was high in the english parts and lower in math) but i'll likely get better on the most recent one I took.I'm the photographer and web designer of my school newspaper, I babysit and do french tutoring, I do community work for the Salvation Army and a specific animal abuse help in my local town, but have only done so since about a month. I did a one week internship in a retirement home in France.I play the piano and do professional portrait photography.My college apps, mostly the essays, are filled with info about me and my living in France, the culture and traveling experiences I had, also I have a lot about reading immensely, and my essays are well written (teacher opinion).I want to major either in French or Psychology.Do you think I have a shot? Can my background help me out a bit?I'm also applying to UNC Chapel Hill, UMASS Amherst, Vassar College, Berkeley, Williams College, Syracuse University....

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    We created a tool to help answer this question at: [external link] enter your test scores & GPA to get an idea where you stand. There are certainly a bunch of other intangible factors though too, so keep that in mind, but it seems like the rest of your profile might help you out quite a bit.