Personal statement for college app…?

I'm applying to a certain university and the question for the required personal statement is:"Why do you feel that (school's name) is a good match with your educational goals?"I finished the essay fine; it's about 650 words or so. There's only one problem. I'm a senior in high school (duh) and this year I started cyber school. I included an extra paragraph explaining that I decided to spend my senior year in cyber school and briefly describing the curriculum, how it has made me a more independent worker, etc.So my question is, do you think admissions officers would see this as an irrelevant detail? Or would they appreciate the clarification? Please help!

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  1. reception's says:

    totally irrelevant

  2. msitoge says:

    I think that it might be better if you clarified that in some other part of your application or in another essay