Question about presentation of a dissertation?

I do a joint degree in two seperate subjects, so instead of the usual 10,000-15,000 word dissertation in either of them, I have to do a 5,000-6,000 essay for both of them, which are really just extended essays. However, on my grade sheet, it still goes under "dissertation". What I'm wondering is, is it worth still "chaptering" them and going out and getting them bound etc if they're not technically proper dissertations? To what extent does the presentation of the paper improve your mark?

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  1. disbutton says:

    5,000 words is about 10 pages, double-spaced. No, that’s not worth putting in chapters. Even 15,000 words is only 30 pages – that’s not really worth chapters or binding either. The shortest dissertation I’ve ever seen was about 100 pages – but then ‘dissertation’ usually refers to the results of a PhD, not anything else (‘thesis’ applies to undergraduate and masters work, but both of my theses were still 70-100 pages). The presentation doesn’t effect your grade at all – you have to turn it in for review before you’ve done much besides break it up into sections and write it. All the other stuff – title pages, binding, acknowledgements, etc comes after it’s been accepted.