Anyone know anything about Egypt, Rome and Greece?

I am writing an essay on major contributions from ancient Egypt, Rome and Greece but am having trouble with coming up with ideas, I need three contributions from each civilization.ANY help will be greatly appreciated!Thank you soooo much! :)

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  1. epitonion says:

    Please give more details and I will try to answer the most I can but as far as nowEgyptians: Heavy mathematics Civilization that build one of the 7 wonders of the Ancient World.One of the first civilizations to use measurement Greece: studied Poets, Scientist, Mathematics and formed ideas such as democracy and rights. Very Religious people. Many of there ideas influenced the modern world such as democracy there mathematics and also there writings and schools.Romans: Idea of a party of group (Senate) rule country instead of a 1 ruler (dictator). Technologically advanced Technics such as aqueducts (for carying water to city from remote area) Onigers/Catapults(warfare siedg equipments). Roads