Social Stratification – Mobility or Reproduction?

I need help I have to right a sociology paper on this, but i need to understand what the question is asking of me. I have to argue if social stratification is mobility or reproduction. Please help me interpret the question.Topic: Social Stratification – Mobility or Reproduction?Tasks:1. Interview a friend, colleague, neighbor, acquaintance etc. about their family’s economic status over the past 3 generations (grandparents, parents, you). You should ask them about what type of work their grandparents, and parents did, their level of education and what they studied in school, and anything else you think might be relevant to understanding their economic circumstances. 2. Write up the results of your interview. You can summarize the basic elements in a table or in narrative form. No more than 2 pages.3. In class identify with the help of your group the elements and themes common to the data from your group. What does the data tell you?4. Develop a thesis statement – something that you are going to prove – i.e. either mobility, reproduction or both, related to the results of your interview.5. Write a page essay proving your thesis statement. Refer to the actual text of your interview. Support each of your arguments with specific references to the discussion and your informant’s experience.

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    in general it is not hard to construct “classes “of anything. just goupt the common charateristicsin this case social and economic groupsthen ask generation after generation do individuals saty in the same group or move to anothereconomically it is easy to rank by wealthupward is more and morethe opposite of a “mobile society” is a “class stratified” societythe son does what the father did