What are some SOCIOLOGICAL perspectives to the movie “CRASH”?!?

I know.. this IS a question for school. I understand all of the perspectives Functionalism, conflict and symbolic interactionalism. I just want to make sure i have a few stern perspectives! It's a 20 page essay! Please Help!

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  1. seedstalk says:

    You could consider discussing the following: projective labeling, racism, gender identities, Gilligan’s male Justice Perspective versus female Care and Responsibility Perspective, Kohlberg’s Theory of Moral Development, Hirschi’s Control Theory, Sutherland’s Differential Theory, Merton’s Strain Theory, Social-Conflict theory, Functionalist theory using Merton’s Theories about manifest functions, latent functions and social dysfunctions, social institutions like the family or the law, values, mores, beliefs, status, class, ethnicity.I would recommend you look at the movie and write down examples of each item of above in the movie. Once you have an overview of how different aspects of sociology relate to the movie, consider what you would like to communicate about all of it. Form an argument and use the most useful sociological terms with examples from the movie to support what you want to say. This will help you to think with the “sociological imagination”. You can google that term and read the Wikipedia entry (very helpful) to give you a perspective of what a great sociological essay will do. Basically, you want to show how social forces such as those that affect race and class cause observable effects. Thus, if you focus on the car thieves, you may make points that their intelligence and occupation or “deviant career” seem to be incongruent. However by examining social forces it may be proved to be predictable. This is because often the least privileged possess at least equal intelligence with those who succeed according to cultural norms only because they posses privilege (rather than intelligence). I haven’t seen the movie so I don’t know the circumstances of the car thieves other than they represent deviant behavior, I hope that gives you enough ideas to find something in the movie related to sociology that interests YOU. Good luck!