How many of you have one of those awesome English teachers?

By "awesome" here, I mean those teachers that give you tons of creative writing prompts. I had one of those in fourth grade and I've been missing her ever since. For about four years now, the only creative writing prompt I've gotten in school is the same one every year - "You and a friend are lost down a dark road at night. What do you do?" It's so freaking annoying for someone like me. I wish I could get an English teacher that gives us prompts all the time, and encourages us to be innovative and creative with our writing. I always get jealous when people in this section post questions like "I have to do a prompt on (fascinating subject) for school, what should I do?" because at least they HAVE a prompt to work on.And yes, I know that I could just write my stories anyway, but I'd love it if doing what I love most in the world was a requirement for a class. But no, the only things we get to write apart from our annual Halloween "lost down a dark road" prompt is a lot of boring nonfiction reports and essays. Sorry if I come off as bitter, but really, does anyone out there know how I feel, or are you one of the lucky ones who has a great English teacher? :)

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6 Responses to “How many of you have one of those awesome English teachers?”

  1. boogies says:

    well i had this amaizing teacher my junior year in high school, his name was mr. toews and he was the best teacher ever. He would always have fun activities like mad libs, puzzles, and alot more. He’d always have sodas behind his desk for us and u could even pribe him to give u good grades and not have to do anything. Unfortinatly he was fired for giving out the override code for the school computers to all the students :( ((

  2. coerects says:

    Nah, I think I’ve been smarter than my english teachers since 10th grade, being taught by a dance teacher, a social science teacher, and a woman who wanted to be a publisher though was not good enough but was mean enough. I think you’d like the movie “That’s What I Am”, it makes me cry every time just because of what a great man the english teacher is.

  3. henbits says:

    In elementary I had a teacher (Mrs. Varnado) who was like that. I personally prefer when the teacher is like, “Hey, your assignment is to write a 600 word descriptive essay.” And the teacher gives you free reign on your writing.My favorite teacher that I will never forget is my eighth grade english teacher, Mrs. Vona. I learned A LOT (even not to use a lot in any type of writing). She would start the class off telling us some crazy story about one of her many stalkers (no joke) or show us her trick knee or tell us one of her many, “this is how I broke my (insert any bone)” stories. I actually saw her several months ago (I’m in tenth grade now) and she had a cast and was in a wheelchair. She told me how she tripped over a sleeping man on an airplane and that was how she broke her leg. Haha I miss her

  4. miserablenesses says:


  5. fustics says:

    I had a teacher like that for year 10. (I’m in Australia by the way, our school system is different to America). We had the School Certificate coming up, so my teacher just got us to do heaps of creative writing pieces, not just stories, but newspaper articles and stuff too, which was good because I’m actually quite good at newspaper articles…I also had an awesome teacher in year 9. But she was a different sort of awesome, because she would read the book we were studying in class, and she would do the voices and everything.Unfortunately, for my final 2 school years (the 2 years that count), I had a pretty rubbish english teacher, who, instead of giving prompts, went over and over all these different acronyms about HOW to write a creative story…it didn’t help that the topic was boring as well…

  6. isparta says:

    None, thank goodness. I’ve always hated creative writing in school.