What should I write for this two page essay on the history of computers?

I have a two page essay due tomorrow and its about the history of computers.. i know they were first invented in 1845 as an anayltical machine, aka basically a calculator and kept evolving. thats about it. i need websites with simple information on it, and i need ideas how to organize it and write it in to the essay, as i have severe writers block....thankyou!

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  1. polyphyletically says:

    Well write about how the first ones were massive and so very different from ones today. I mean just look at the laptops you can buy now. You could talk about Bill Gates and how he is incredibly rich due to windows. Then talk about how apple came in and stepped up the game. Talk about what computers do to help in everyday life, and what they used to do. Add in cool facts like what was the first website or something… [external link] …