How do I get my files if my computer wont boot it says operating system not found?

Ok I have a hp vista laptop and it says operating system not found when I turn on my laptop.But I have very important files on my computer of essays and all that especilly im an AP student in highschool and had all of my summer assighment saved on the laptop.SO is their anyway I can get the files please help. My school starts on monday and I need those files.

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2 Responses to “How do I get my files if my computer wont boot it says operating system not found?”

  1. hematothorax says:

    Try booting from your operating system CD.

  2. stickful says:

    Many modern computers have a boot menu that shows up when you press the F8 key repeatedly during the initial moments of the boot cycle. However, if this does not happen for you because your boot sector is corrupted or NTLDR is missing, you may be able to change the boot order and boot from a Windows Vista installation DVD (if you have one).To boot from such a DVD, you would turn on your computer, wait for it to go through its boot-up sequence, open the DVD drive, insert the Windows Vista installation DVD, and press CTRL + ALT + DELETE (that is a keyboard combination where you push all three keys simultaneously, and then release them simultaneously — and it causes the computer to reboot).During the ensuing reboot, you would press the F12 key (in many cases, but in some cases it may be another key — consult your computer’s documentation) and a menu should appear that allows you to choose to boot from the DVD drive. If that succeeds, you would go through the motions of “reinstalling” Windows Vista, but the Windows Vista setup wizard would report to you that there is already an installed version of Windows Vista, and it would ask you whether you would like that already-installed instance of Windows Vista to be repaired — and you would tell the Windows Vista installation wizard that you do want Windows Vista repaired (as opposed to installing a new copy of Windows Vista).[ - [ - [ If your laptop does not allow for changing the boot sequence in the manner described above, you should at least be able to go into the BIOS Configuration Setup Utility and change the boot sequence there. Many modern laptops allow you to access the BIOS Configuration Setup Utility by pressing the DELETE key during the first moments after you've turned on the laptop. Other laptops may use a different key, but most use the DELETE key. To succeed at accessing the BIOS Configuration Setup Utility, you should press the DELETE key repeatedly --- approximately once per second --- starting immediately after you've pressed the power button to turn on the laptop, until the BIOS Configuration Setup Utility appears onscreen. This is where you can change the boot sequence from the HDD (a.k.a. the Hard Disk Drive) to the ODD (a.k.a. CD/DVD drive). This necessitates remembering to change the boot sequence back to its original setting after you've allowed the Windows Vista installation DVD to repair your already-installed iteration of Windows Vista --- for security purpose you should only allow your computer to be booted from the hard drive unless you're repairing the boot files.. ] – ] – ]If you DO NOT have a Windows Vista installation DVD, you have another option. You can download something called an ISO file for the SystemRescue CD from here: [external link] …This is a rather more involved process of recovering your important files and storing them on a USB flash drive, but it’s entirely do-able. The instruction concerning how to download the ISO file and how to use it to create a bootable SystemRescueCD and how to use the SystemRescueCD are accessible from the preceding link. Again, this CD requires that you have some sort of device (such as a USB flash drive or an external USB hard disk drive) where you can copy your important files from your laptop’s internal hard disk drive while SystemRescueCD is running your computer.Your best bet is to get one of your “geek” friends to do this for you — whether you choose the option to use the Windows Vista DVD or the SystemRescueCD. The first option, of course, is better, because it will repair the bootability of your Windows Vista installation. The second option merely allows you to snag your important files from the laptop’s hard drive and save them to an external drive.= = = = = = = = = = = = = =Of course, if you’re an ordinary Microsoft Windows user, you probably don’t have your laptop’s BIOS Configuration Setup Utility password protected, and you may even have your computers boot sequence already set in this order . . .1) Internal CD/DVD drive2) Internal hard drive3) Network boot4) USB device. . . in which case, merely having a Windows Vista installation DVD or SystemRescueCD in the CD/DVD drive will automatically boot the laptop from that disk. [Some manufacturers use the preceding boot sequence --- or something similar --- order by default.]