How did the industrial revolution impact society, war and genocide? i need facts for a 5 para essay?

How the IR impacted society is huge question, filling volumes, but the wikipedia article will give you a start. And it lists sources (don't cut and paste; you'll get caught). As for warfare, beginning with the American Civil War, weapons were more deadly and could be more easily massed produced, but tactics, which were partially developed due to the ineffectiveness of earlier weapons, did not change as quickly and so amounted to greater deaths. Also, look at the 20th century, the most highly mechanized in history, and also the most deadly (est. 150,000,000 deaths). The conclusion being that mechanized war is more 'efficient' and therefore more deadly. Mechanization can also make genocide 'more efficient' (e.g Nazi death camps).In the 21st century, warfare is becoming more precise and 'surgical', resulting in few 'collateral' deaths, so we see technology now making warfare less deadly. Not a complete answer by any stretch, but it should give you a start.

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