High school junior stress?

i'm a high school junior and i'm sick of having to fight to maintain my grade and keep them all at straight A's. it's horrible. i have to worry constantly and i feel tired. Besides that my AP English essays are deteriorating in quality(while everyone else is improving), my AP US history teacher is crap and doesnt teach us anything while she just sits there and eats, i have a borderline grade in calc, i have to study physics and cram in APUSH hw, i have to look for journalism advertisements for businesses acting as a sales manager, i have to self-study APUSH and study hella hard for english/calc to make sure that my A's stay A's, and study for all my ap's and sat ii's. the only class im not worrying about is ap spanish(consistently gotten 5's on practice tests). this is too much. and on top of that i have advanced journalism(school newspaper), speech and debate, and various club duties that i have to fulfill. and 4 AP tests looming up in May. I want to just graduate this year but i still have another whole year of high school and college applications, which i feel like i am not ready for because i screwed up everything and had a PSAT score lower than last year(so no more national merit for me)and just ONE bad test day can ruin my entire future. I really really wanna get out of this horrible cycle but i cant and it's only march in junior year, but at the same time i want it to be january because i need more time to study. I started taking ap's as a sophomore btw and THAt was stressful. What to do? What to DO? I want to be retired already! i hate this stress! i dont know what to do! tests all the time, and i dont know what to do! I cant get a B in anything but my APUSH teacher is being so stupid and dumb and doesnt tell us anything! and it's already 10pm and i still have to write an essay and finish a history project for tomorrow. I wanna cry because i hate high school so much but there's no escape! wake up early on weekends for speech and debate and community service and also have to do all this stupid homework and prepare for Ap testing and being stupid and having college applications NEXT YEAR and i'm tired and i want to cry. and besides that im so tired b/c all my friends deserted me in high school and it just feels awkward to talk with them so i dont. its really really hard but im determined to finish strong. but sometimes it's just really really hard and i feel like i cant take it any more, i'm already breaking after ALL this horror! what can i do?

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  1. changed says:

    getting a b isn’t the end of the world… don’t worry… take a couple hours off and relax… and don’t overload yourself next year:)… at least now you know your limits [external link] site is GOLD! look at the apush outlines

  2. unexecutable says:

    do some yoga videos or somethingtalk to your school counselordeep breathing!

  3. archetypal says:

    well, i had pretty much the same thing, so i didnt go for two months and my counselor put me in “flex ed”. its pretty sweet, i did like 5 online classes in a week and i was done.

  4. aman says:

    your putting too much pressure on yourself. whats the use in overwhelming yourself with all this work? my parents used to pressure me to do all this, but now i told them that i was tired of it. i realized how stupid i was for believing that this was going to affect my life and that there was no alternative to getting straight a’s. im a junior in high school and to my parents dissapointment im only taking one ap this year and i dont study at all, and i get one b. i stay up at night and dance and sing and do what im happy with. im much happier. next year take it easier and dont stress because it really doesnt matter and you’ll be fine.

  5. beggs says:

    hey, i know what you’re going through. AP classes are putting me through stress too. AP Chem, AP English, APUSH (which is so annoying since I hate history). I don’t have much on the activities side. I’m going to take more in my senior year ” i’m already regretting signing up. No, not really– but won’t that be a bumpy ride.From what I hear, my advice to you is to keep it up. You made a great choice choosing to give yourself a challenge taking AP classes. -applause- Going through the same things every night— cramming, crying, staying up at like 3!— you think is it worth it? YES, it is! Keep this up ” at the end of the year you can look back and say, ‘WOW, look at what I did.’I can’t say much on how to take off stress, because you can’t escape from it. What would an AP class be if we didn’t have a hard time taking them-?- just a regular class. You sound very well rounded ” your A’s and side activities give you super brownie point with colleges. With all that, you won’t have a problem getting accepted to universities (also depends on personal statement though :D )As for your teacher, if she being a problem where you seriously need someone teaching rather than self teaching– talk to your peers if they agree ” then talk to your principal. They will always do something about it.as for the stress— i have one class dedicated to me. this year it’s painting, i love to paint and it lightens my shoulders. do something you like to relax ” if you don’t have space in your schedule, then take afternoon naps.you could:listen to the other saying “it’s not worth it”, risk chances of getting accepted to a certain school you so earnestly wanted to go to, and regret why who decided to ‘have fun,’ rather than invest time for your future ” taking those AP classes.or you could:do what you’re doing know, be stressed, cry about it, but in the future be able to relax because you have a job that pays a good amount with weekends off.You can get through this! Just play music that you can easily sing to, to keep you company on late night studying— in the end, you will reap what you sow.

  6. Remoboth says:

    I went thru all the same stuff you’re going thru. Five people in my family were deans at Harvard, and one at Yale (this was, of course, over the last hundred years or so). I was second in my class in the top high school in my state and all that stress was NOT worth it. In fact, I ended up getting a chronic illness two years later and thus couldn’t even attend to the college I wanted. Now I’m in a state school. No employer really cares where you got your bachelor’s degree, so long as you got one. Just get into any college, and then go to grad school. Obviously, you’re a good enough student to get into grad school. Haven’t you heard that the Double PhD is the new PhD, the PhD is the new Master’s, the Master’s is the new Bachelor’s, so the Bachelor’s is like a G.E.D. You can get one anywhere. NO ONE CARES ABOUT HIGH SCHOOL! NO ONE CARES HOW YOU DID! Step back and let yourself get a B.

  7. trudgeon says:

    Girl, listen to HumBug52, he knows what he’s talking about. Take it easy. Don’t wind up like me; I’m overloaded with school work, extracurricular activities, and a Saturday job. You think it’s fun? Hell no. This is my last year getting into this mess. I’m gonna chill out and take easy classes next year. It’s really not worth it, not at all. You don’t have to get into freaking Harvard or Yale to get a good education for goodness sake.

  8. archespore says:

    Ok, as a senior looking back… let me give you some advice. You will always have at least one crappy teacher. Chances are you will fail the History AP test. It’s just the honest truth my friend. That, however, will not be the end of the world. You are putting far too much pressure on yourself. If you “hate this stress” then stop sweating it. You sound like me last year and your problem is attempting to do way too much. To quote Bilbo Bagins “I feel like butter spread over too much bread.” I know the feeling, just realize that you cannot keep up the ridiculous schedual that you are putting yourself through with your U.I.L. meets and community service and homewor and Ap and… etc. You are not perfect. Realize that and understand that you have your limits.Take a weekend off. Tell everyone “HELL NO” when they ask if you’re doing anything that weekend. Just relax and be a kid again while you have the chance. Wake up on Saturday at noon (or later), have some lucky charms, watch cartoons, listen to music, read a good book, write something creative, and zone out. You need to keep your sanity these last two years pal. And the only way you’ll manage that is if you stop putting so much pressure on yourself.Whatever you want to do in life can be accomplished whether you bomb every test from here to senior year if you want it. I got into the college I wanted and I took my SAT and ACT only once (my scores were…. ok-ish) because I would get panic attacks every time I tried to register in 10th and 11th grade. Take it easy and cross the college prep bridge when it comes. Every high school student should be required to listen to Say Anything’s “High School Low”If I’m just a slave to my high school daysThen when does a boy become a manThey say at 16 I will get tough and meanCollege prep rally pep peachy keenAnd ill meet a gal and take her to the promAnd maybe we’ll make out by the old viewpointBut, there are no gals, no pep rallies, good palsStay away from these high schoolMy teacher says that I’m brilliantMy mother says I’m a starMy girlfriend just avoids meBut I still pay for the dinner and the movieMy room is filled with abandonMy homework is yet left undoneI look at pictures of myself as a small childAll filled with hope and so alive butAll these high school days,Take that away, take me away, take me a…Stress and high duress, replace the hope I had everydayAll these high school daysTake that away, take myself awayIf only I could skip forward or backThe best years of my life oh my god I hope not lets goI hope not lets goMy friends are overachieversMy love is burning me downMy left nut has this crazy itch during homeroomoh god that girl just saw me scratch myall control is now spiralingmy grades look pretty damn lowI want to motivate myself, but how the hell am I supposed to workI do not love these high school daysTake that away, take me away, take me a…Stress and high duress, replace the hope I had everydayAll these high school daysTake that away, I take myself awayIf only I could skip forward or backThe best years of my life oh my god I hope not lets goI hope not lets goSo listen young boys to the words that I speakHeed them and hold them to stayNever let go of the cowboy insideOr you’ll die in your high school days