Do think i can get a good grade with this essay. I’m in 7th grade by the way.?

One second passed. It seemed like every other second of the day but what you do not know is that an average of about 7 animals die a second. That is equivalent to more than 200 million animals die a year. Hunting poor and helpless animals is a cruel act, done to make the hunter feel superior. Animal hunting causes many problems. It kills animals without cause, disrupts nature and endangers animals. If animal hunting continues, soon there will be another world war. Not because of power, but of the crucial part of our lives, meat.The Maine Bowhunters Alliance estimates that over 50% of the animals shot by crossbows are injured and left to bleed to death or to be infested by parasites. (7) IT states that most animals suffer a long, slow and painful death. Another study made by the British shows that only 11% of all deer die after being shot twice. Others are die 15 minutes are more after being shot. Why would anyone hunt for fun, making animals suffer and die while they could have hel

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  1. Hazara says:

    Its a way of life, since the beginning of time. we wouldn’t be here if our ancestors didn’t hunt to survive. Hunting is a way of life for many people.It also helps control animals from over populating.Hunting is good for the Eco system and helps maintain a balanced wildlife in the area. You could be next in a car crash with a deer.

  2. prance says:

    First I do not agree with your assessment but you need to have someone else proof read your whole essay.Then try to stay on one idea in each paragraph.Last of all you will need your references and sources for your information .

  3. hebetic says:

    Why don’t you post this in the Homework Help section?

  4. magnetize says:

    wrong place to post this….by the way if you are a good hunter most of the time when you shoot an animal the thing drops dead in its tracks

  5. killy says:

    I agree on the lack of a topic sentence. A lot of your facts and numbers are just sensationalist claims, they don’t tie into your statement. Not all 200 million animals die from hunting, thus the statement is irrelevant. I definately do not agree with your ideology that hunting is wrong, but that is your opinion so I will share mine.Here in southern wisconsin, we have many many deer, and now have chronic wasting disease (think mad cow disease, but for deer). The DNR sharp shoots these deer to stop it from spreading. Second, if we didn’t have hunting, these deer would starve to death during winter. Third, just about every road other than main city roads have deer warning signs. I have personally witnessed several car/deer accidents. It is a pretty terrible death to be stuck in a sheet of glass kicking like crazy to get free, only getting cut up all the more. Or watching the deer drag itself into the ditch after half of it is smashed up getting hit or going under a truck. I think some hunting is excuseable given the alternatives. 200 million animals die every year, do we arrest bears for killing deer to stop this senseless killing? For ones that die of natural causes do well tell them to stop dying?Animals dying is just a natural part of lie. Humans need protein to live, unless you advocate cannibalism instead, I see no real option other than animals for meat. By the way, animals have been hunted and domesticated since the beginning of man for usage as meat. I have never heard of any massive meat shortage.Now, if your teacher just cares about the message hunting is bad, yes you will get a good grade. If your teacher grades on content, clarity, and relevance you will have some trouble. The trouble is the emotional claims with little relevance and factual value. There never will be any war from meat shortage. 200 milion dying animals per year, only a small part of this is for food usage. You forget disease, starvation, natural causes and accidents.A couple other thought provoking papers may beWhy does America retain its oil dependance on the middle east? How can the war in Iraq continue despite war was never declared by congress, and congress only allows the president a 100 day conflict? Why do we have teenage gangs?

  6. detainees says:

    Boycott meat. I don’t want a war.

  7. trigonocerous says:

    Well, if I was your teacher, I would give you an “F”, just because.

  8. unbosom says:

    yes you will get a good grade, but you know nothing of hunting.1. Of the 200 million animals that die every year how many of them are actually from hunting?2. The ones that are killed from hunting are used as meat. If they weren’t hunted, they or other animals would die from starvation during the winter because of over population.3. We wouldn’t have a third World War because we have WAY more than enough meat to feed the world, but we chose to distribute that food to ourselves versus giving it to countries that actually need it.4. How can the animals, that we hunt, help for any other reasons than for meat. That is what God made them for.5. You have horrible grammar. If you don’t fix it you will get a bad grade

  9. props says:

    Bound’s hubby here:First, I will address this as a teacher (I have been a teacher for over 25 years). Then, I will address your essay from a sportsman’s perspective.As a teacher. Your essay lacks a topic sentence. In addition, you lack development. All of the essays I assign my students must have at least 5 sentences per paragraph, and at least 5 paragraphs to the essay. In addition, you cite statistics that are not common knowledge, so they must be footnoted. In addition, I would have to question your claim that 200 million animals die a year. That is almost 60% of the American population … is this just wild game or does it include domestic animals? Also, you must write with an understanding of your audience and writing to the audience. Do you expect to be an effective writer when you write anti-hunting material to be read by hunters? Also, you indicate a footnote #7, but no previous footnotes … did you exclude something or did you cut and paste from another writer’s work?As a sportsman. What would the wildlife population be like without hunting? How many poor, defenseless animals would die a slow, horrid death from starvation? As the suburbs encroach the natural habitat of wild game, how many animals will suffer an ignoble death by automobile? Now, I think you will find, through objective research, that more game is harvested by hunters than left to die by hunters? Do you choose to ingest steroids? Practically every bite you eat from food and meat purchased at the local grocery is enhanced by steroids. What about the cruel and painful life livestock live to put meat on your dinner table? Actually, wild game is proven to be healthier to eat than most of the steroid enhanced foods found at your local grocer.Honestly, excluding your personal views, I would have difficulty awarding you a grade of higher than a D- because of your mechanics, and the appearance of copied work. Perhaps the view you project is actually yours, or you have adopted it to be more appealing to your teacher, but either way, your essay needs work.Good luck!

  10. abnet says:

    Go back to the vegetarian/vegan section, freak.

  11. csua says:

    take your essay somewhere else, but it looks fine. A lot of hunters are going to get mad t you very soon.

  12. enraging says:

    Yeah, just state your references (web site, book , ect.) and your good I think.