What are my chances of getting accepted into UNC Chapel Hill?

I am currently a Junior in high school. My ethnicity is Asian. (Idk if they still look at Asians as a minority from prevoius discussions.) My weighted GPA is 4.4706 and unweighted is 3.7647. My class rank is 4/393. Currently have all A's and B's throughtout all years. I took 4 AP courses and exams. Carolina LOVES AP/IB, but my school only offers AP. I recently took the SAT and my score was not too hot. I am planning on taking it again in the beginning of Senior year or as many times until I am satisfied with my score. I am a very strong essay writer(that's what she said. lol) I know Carolina likes to look at essays and they don't do interviews. I am also in the Early College Academy in which senior you enroll and take classes at a local college. So senior year I will be off campus. I am aso in the Health Science Academy and I obtain hours at a local hospital or doctor's office. I am also treasurer of the Health club and I am also in the Service Learning Club. I participated and helped out with the Blood Drive the Health Club ran. I was an attendee of Project Uplift 2011. I am also a Junior Marshal. I plan on volunteering this summer and participate in more activites in school Senior year. Carolina is my first choice! Please tell me if I have a chance.

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    That was a lot of information to sift through. Here’s the information on the University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill that should help you out. 1) Accepts 32% of applicants2) 82% of first year students are in state students3) 8% of first year students are Asian 4) 95% of first year students had a high school GPA of 3.75+5) A note about the college’s admission requirements: High school record, including course selection and performance, very important. Test scores, essays, activities, and recommendations also receive strong consideration. Separate consideration given to out-of-state children of alumni.6) SAT information……1) Critical Reading: 590 – 700……2) Math: 610 – 710……3) Writing: 590 – 690*If you were to score in the lowest range of all three of these areas your SAT score would be 1790. That will give you something to shoot for. *Extra Point – It’s important that you look into what major you want to study. Someone on Yahoo! Answers recently asked about Rice University and their creative writing program, well, Rice doesn’t have a creative writing program. Make sure you do your extra research and take a campus visit. You don’t want to be stuck at a university who doesn’t have what you want to study. Blessings