I have to write an essay on someone who made a social change or difference….?

I have to write an essay on someone who made a social change or a social difference.I have got two people in mind, Michael Vick and Drew Brees, but i need more people to choose from.My teacher said choose someone you're interested in and honestly i wouldn't be interested enough to be able to write one about someone like ghandi or a historic figure.So do you have any suggestions?

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3 Responses to “I have to write an essay on someone who made a social change or difference….?”

  1. Chinatown says:

    Sounds like you like sports figures. How about Lance Armstrong and raising cancer awareness? Or Jackie Robinson breaking the race barrier in baseball?

  2. wakening says:

    Since you’re male you could go with Jackie Robinson, the first major league baseball player of the modern era. He broke great social and racial barriers with his successful baseball career.If you wouldn’t mind, you could consider Oprah Winfrey–definitely one of my favorite celebrities.

  3. avidesa says:

    how about Mohammad Ali? he made a big difference in America when he converted to islam…