What are some good topics to chose from when writing a correlation essay in psychology?

I am back in school again (since the mid 90's) and I am taking a psychology course. Over the course of the semester, I have to turn in 3 correlation essays explaining how 2 variables in psychology are realted, not caused by, but related. I am finding it difficult to understand what my choices would be. I know I can pick them myself but I have no idea of how to get started. I am just asking this question to get some ideas together so I can begin my paper sometime this week.

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  1. Agnostus says:

    I’m not sure about psychology variables, but here are somethings that are correlated, but not necessarily a cause of one another: 1. the number of accidents and the weather2. the number of ice cream cones sold and the proximity to a beach3. the amount of money spent at the mall and the weather4. a person’s salary and their education level (degree)5. the number of children a couple has and their religion6. the amount of sex a couple has and their rating of marital happiness7. the amount of birthday presents you get and the size of your extended family8. your grades in school and your IQ9. the number of friends you have and your meyers briggs personality type10. the number of shoes you own and your genderI hope these help!