When you mention a film in an essay, do you italicize or put it in quotes?

My friend says people get marked down for italicizing film titles, but I was always taught that long works, like books, feature films, etc. are italicized while short works, like short stories, television episodes, short films, etc. are put into quotes.

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3 Responses to “When you mention a film in an essay, do you italicize or put it in quotes?”

  1. unprofiting says:

    i was never told thatim actaully told to underline them and put em in quotesso i have no clue lol

  2. lawmaking says:

    If you are typing a paper, then underline large works like movie, film, and book titles. You are right about short works being put in quotes.

  3. petrick says:

    Movies are italicized if you are typing them and underlined if you are writing them by hand.