Grade my SAT essay please on 2 – 12?

the prompt was"do good choices have negative consequences"No one intends to make a bad choice. Everyone, no mater how old, wants to make a good choice. A choice is good not by virtue of the choice but by virtue of the result of the choice. Many choices once thought of as bad has had favorable outcomes, this makes the choice a good choice. As you will see in the case of Copernicus and personal life examples a choice is only bad by virtue of it result. Copernicus was a 15th century astronomer, he is considered to be the father of astronomy. He challenged the widely held notion that the earth is the center of the universe and the sun revolves around it. At the time freedom of speech and expression was not one of the principles of society. H was ostracized from society and threatened by the church. He had 2 options he could either withdraw his statement or hold firm his belief, He chose the latter. Most people would view this as a "bad" choice, It did have a negative impact on Copernicus, but in the larger scheme of things it was a good choice. Copernicus paid dearly for his choice, he was stoned to death on order of the roman catholic church, but he began the age of inquisition which led to man discoveries. He made a good choice by holding his beliefs but it had negative consequences as well. Like Copernicus, I to have had to make multiple important decisions. The consequences of the choices may not be life and death but important nonetheless. The most important decision I have made in my life is to take the SAT. As an Indian national the decision was not as straightforward as one might think. I had to consider multiple factors, such as cost of learning, quality of education, distance from family, but I believe it is a good choice. I will only know if it is a good decision once i see the results of the decision not now, not tomorrow, but maybe 10 years from now I will look back and say to myself, "I made the right call" or maybe I will say "I shouldn't have left India". A good choice is known only after the result is seen.There is no set of guidelines for what is a good choice, like any choice we are looking at the probabilistic and futuristic results. We cannot foresee everything

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  1. wayworn says:

    I think you need to do a bit more research.Neither the Scientific Community of the time nor the Church had a problem with the heliocentric theory of Copernicus or Galileo that said that the sun was the fixed center of the universe. Copernicus wisely kept his theory a theory as he did not have enough repeatable scientific evidence (as the scientific method requires) to claim otherwise.It was when Galileo said the theory was fact without enough repeatable scientific evidence that he got into trouble. It is tough to have just about the only good telescope in the world.By the way, the heliocentric theory that claimed the sun was the fixed center of the universe instead of the Earth, was also incorrect. The sun is the center of the solar system but not the universe and the sun itself moves, it is not fixed.For more information, see: [external link] … [external link] …With love in Christ

  2. rereel says:

    Actually sir, it’s all about philosophy. If that is what you believed then make a stand and fight for it. There is no monopoly in knowledge in the first place. Everybody has the right to chose. We are free as what is taught in Existentialism, absolute freedom but of course with limitation as long as it abides with the moral law. A choice is always a choice. The decision is all yours, just be brave for whatever consequences that you may face in the future. It might be negative for you but in the reciprocal might be a positive side for the others.