Can I get some help please, it wont take long……?

I am doing an essay for an english class and I am writing about lowering the gambling age. I need quotes does not matter where from or what you say. Can someone quote on a positive of gambling, preferably underage gambling. please! I only need 2 more! thanks!

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12 Responses to “Can I get some help please, it wont take long……?”

  1. trouvere says:

    No good will ever come from that…….sorry

  2. helixes says:

    you can become a millionaire at a younger age

  3. galvanic says:

    If the age limit was lowered, one positive outcome could be that, the younger generation, get a taste of gambling and what it could do to there future. Help them to appriciate that working for money has many more benefits, good luck

  4. calibrates says:

    freedom…should be a parents responsibility….smoking is worse than gambling and it is at a lower age

  5. caloric says:

    Sorry. Can’t see or say anything positive about it at all! Good Luck with your essay! ;-) =

  6. tonitrocirrus says:

    ”you can win money and then you could turn rich,your parents will like that.”

  7. heedily says:


  8. amoke says:

    The younger we can get kids to start gambling the more people we can get on welfare later. Teaching them how to get poor fast and then manipulate the system to pay all their bills is good mind candy.

  9. columels says:

    Underage people really have no business gambling. It’s a waste of money and not appropriate unless you really have enough to piss away.

  10. equicurve says:

    “gambiling is a very inparitable edicion and will get hold of any one no mater what age or deferential idea is shared!”

  11. imprimitive says:

    I sincerely hope you don’t find them. Young people are getting into enough financial trouble without the temptation of gambling taking the rest of their money.

  12. desoxyanisoin says:

    A positive on gambling, ah let’s see, uh, uh, ok, uh, uh, ok if you win, gambling is great or if you own the company then gambling is great. If you don’t win right away and stop then gambling is good. If you win right away and stop, never to return gambling is good. The odds favour a young owner of a gambling casino, as he will soon become a rich member of society. I am sorry but the only positives for gambling are that you are lucky, strike it rich, and then give up gambling forever because if you don’t then you will end up giving it all back and then some more over a lifetime of gambling. If you are lucky to live to 80 and are still gambling then you might just get back what you poured into the casino, lottery tickets or hospital draws over a lifetime, but sadly most people never will, live to be 80 that is!