What role, if any, should entertainment celebrities play in American public life?

In a minimum of 250 words and a maximum of 750 words, write a essay with this information relate with the question above and book.you must reference one book that has influenced the response to the essay, and provide complete bibliographical information for it. you may also reference other works in the body of the essay but are required to indicate clearly the title and author of the work.Book Title: Book Author: Book ISBN:

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6 Responses to “What role, if any, should entertainment celebrities play in American public life?”

  1. rawishness says:

    Who the hell are you, my teacher? Do you’re own homework. Celebrities should be seen and not heard.

  2. neidert says:

    You only need one sentence to answer that question: They should entertain us.

  3. gambold says:

    Nice. Get people to do your homework. I won’t do that but I will say the only role “entertainment celebrities” should play would be that of entertaining…and getting drunk and saying stuff to make us laugh.

  4. kilzer says:

    I can answer that question in 2 words.No Role.

  5. stoppably says:

    In other words- “do my homework for me”? You crazy dude?Had you just asked the question to solicite input and ideas, I would have been happy to share my thoughts.

  6. upheaping says:

    What role should entertainers play? How about….. entertain us? Like Tom Cruise and his opinions about post-partum depression. That was truly entertaining. It was as good as some of the old Andy Kaufman gags. I mean… a male actor pretending to know anything about post-partum depression…. but I actually think some people thought he was serious.