Im writing an essay for english language the title should be ”The Lie”?

Dear all,i have an assignment to write a 500 words essay (the beginning of story )on the following subject:The main character in your narrative has accidentally broken a very valuable item ata neighbor's’s house. Using the title ‘The Lie’i couldnt come up with a lie? ..or the main ideas to include? ..whats the thing that got broken ? Please help its due for today ! Thanks for your help

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    He goes in the house looking for them. They are off at the store. When you enter, the dog greets you. You go looking around to find them. When you can’t find them, you go to leave, but the dog jumps on you, happy to see you. You are pushed backwards into a lamp from the old days and it is very valuable. You leave without cleaning up. Later on, you are talking to them and they tell you about the lamp. You tell then it was the dog. The dog starts getting punished. No treats. Locked outside. You know, those things. Then he feels guilt and comes clean. I hope this helps!