I have really short legs! Like REALLY short?

I am 5 ft 4 and about 127 pounds - so not skinny but not overweight, but a bit fat. I am very ugly.. I have very very very short legs, I actually look like a dwarf from the waist down... It's really getting me down and I can't stop thinking about it all the time. Any clothes I wear look stupid but things like jeans are the worst. When I wear skirts and dresses it kind of hides where my legs start - it still looks bad but it is much better! Unfortunately I live in the UK and the weather is not great so I don't get to wear dresses and skirts that often! Also I can't wear high heels because I am only 15 so that would just look stupid. Jeans are pretty much the only item of clothing that 15 year olds wear on the lower half. Everything just looks stupid, I only have about 3 outfits that don't make me look completely disgusting... Also even when i'm an adult I don't want to go around in towering heels, you see celebs doing that and people in LA and places like that but in the UK not many 'normal' people do it... and I want to be comfortable and just be able to slip on a pair of jeans, T-shirt and flats and not have to worry about anything! I just look so stupid! I have really thick bushy yucky hair aswell and it meazns I can't really wear it down as it makes my legs look even shorter and me even more ridiculous. It looks great sitting down in front of the dressing table mirror but then when I stand and look at myself in the full length mirror it just looks so so so bad! Sorry about the essay but it's really getting me down.Has anyone got any tips on what to wear? I've tried layering and high waisted trousers/skirts but they didn't work. I have a VERY big but disgusting bum so....high waisted just makes it look bigger! Any ideas?Also main question does anyone know if there is any way to make my lengs longer? Anything?Thanks.

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9 Responses to “I have really short legs! Like REALLY short?”

  1. localisms says:

    Ok you need to get a grip. You’re not fat at all, not even a little bit. What is your inside leg measurement? Like, what length are the trousers you buy? This is probably something that you notice but others don’t, I would never look at anyone and think ‘wow their legs are short’. I mean, how sad would that make me?There is nothing weird about wearing high heels and it doesn’t need to be uncomfortable either. Try wedges as they are more comfy, heels with a hidden platform are much easier to walk in too. Wear the same colour shoe as your jeans/trousers as it will give the illusion of length. Nude heels and bare legs/nude tights are brilliant for length. Avoid shoes with straps (esp round the ankle) when wearing skirts as this will ‘cut off’ your leg and make it look shorter. Vertical stripes will also make you look taller, pin stripe trousers are good for length. And don’t be so ridiculous, your hair CANNOT make your legs look shorter. That’s insane and physically impossible.

  2. hewel says:

    you can make them appear long with straight leg pants and espadrilles like these [external link] … not too high, so they are comfortable and provide lift.avoid long shirts, regular rise jeans not low rise but not high rise either.try to draw attention away from your bottom half by wearing dark colors o the bottom ad bright colors on the top, bright frilly silky flowy tops.I know this won’t make you feel better but I have a similar frame and these have always worked for me.

  3. ELEASE says:

    My legs are short too and I have a bum like bum kardashia even my thighs are plump somewhat. Wear jeans pants that has slight flare at the bottom – like boot cuts. Not too much flare as it will make your leg even shorter. Avoid skinny pants. Always shop in petite sections.

  4. blower says:

    There is actually a way to get taller. It’s a very painfull and long process. Basically you will have to break your legs periodically over a period of time. Not lying, look it up.

  5. wftijoo says:

    There is no way to make your legs longer without painful surgery that you would have to cover payment on by yourself. Insurance won’t cover it because it’s not medically necessary, and most doctors won’t do it unless the patient actually needs it.As for the whole heels thing.. you can be as mature as you want to be. You can dress like everyone else and insist that you look terrible and keep complaining about it, or you can wear flattering clothes and make it work for you. There are plenty of cute shoes that have a high heel that are appropriate for 15 year olds. You could also try wearing boots that have a small heel, especially during the winter.

  6. platzes says:

    I find skinny jeans that fit just on or above the hips make your legs look longer don’t wear skinnies that are too tight at the bottom, either that or wear skinny flare jeans:), I know you said you look horrible in jeans and you think you have a horrible bum but i bet you don’t Boys like a girl with a bigger bum, i wish i had a big bum!. You could try some high waisted jeans, But darker colour. If you still don’t like them i would say skinny jeans that fit on or just above the waist:). Now shoes, I don’t wear heels myself, But i do wear Wedges, You can get wedges that are high, or not so high, and if you get peep toe wedges it gives out the illusion your legs are longer than they actually are, I know this girl in college, and she is an actual dwarf but the things she wears does make her look a taller, She wears alot of skinny jeans and heeled boots, I just brought some from newlook some wedges heeled boots, that i wear everywhere, Where something like that with skinny jeans, :) I bet your the only one that can see your short legs and everyone else don’t think the same, Be confident!. You are you! and i bet your beautiful!. And about your hair, My hair is also very thick, I use herbal essence shampoo and conitioner, Also a spray to stop frizzy hair and straighten my hair:).

  7. jjessee says:

    I’m afraid there is no way you can lengthen them yourself. Have you considered surgery?

  8. clearest says:

    What you need to do is create an illusion. For shorter legs, you need to wear straight leg jeans. Without the flare at the bottom and with no bagginess, it create the illusion that the legs are longer. Also, try to accent your outfit with a belt in the middle of your waist. As for you’re hair, John Frieda has some great products, get the frizz control spray and try straightening your hair. I’ll post some links, just copy and paste them to your browser. Hope it helps :) [external link] … [external link] … [external link] …

  9. gouaches says:

    I wish mine were shorter