How do i explain what greek mythology is in a paragraph?

im writing an essay and i have to explain "what is the history of greek mythology and what purpose did it serve for the poeple of ancient greece" HEEELLLPPP MEEE

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  1. bestbnd says:

    Greek mythology is a collection of stories written over time and by many authors. It is an explanation for natural phenomena for the common people.

  2. hundredfold says:

    u shouldn’t get ppl to do ur hw!but to me greek mythology is inspiration. it shows how there is superiority (Zeus) and devastation(Persephone) and love (Aphrodite).The greek gods and goddesses all represent a feeling or a skill. it is wonderful for poetry, stories, and just plain imagination. there are stories of how the universe started (religious starts), how things work (gods are assigned o do certain things.i would right more but i got physics HW.will update later(HOPEFULLY).