Help with this prompt on The Scarlet Letter?

Here's the prompt: The conflict between an idealistic and pragmatic (realistic) response is a recurrent theme in literature. Write an essay in which you analyze the reasons for the conflict and its effects upon one idealistic character and one representative of the realistic attitude.Who would you choose as the idealistic character? Who would you choose as the realistic character? What would the 'conflict' of the two outlooks be? Again, I read this book in class. I couldn't take it home, as it was a class set. This essay is making me want to punch children. Help. Please. :c

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    I hope you’re checking answers here because this might take a minute and I’d hate to waste my time.First off, don’t punch any children (at least not over this).In the INTRODUCTION, identify Hester as the idealistic character and Dimmesdale as the pragmatic one.Identify three problems that arise from their relationship. Each will be the basis of a BODY PARAGRAPH. In each of these body paragraphs, tell how Hester and Dimmesdale each react to the problem.Your CONCLUSION does what it oughtta do. Contact me if you need help.PS: If I see this essay (which I hope I do), I don’t want to see the words “idealistic” or “pragmatic” repeating a whole bunch of times!