Any one got national geographic…?

well i have to write an essay on an article on a national geo. article, and i have no clue how to look on up on the comoputers, so does anyone have a link to get to an article doesnt matter what one, just give me a link please, thanksss

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4 Responses to “Any one got national geographic…?”

  1. RPS-KRA says:

    Just type ‘National geographic’ in the search you will see a whole list of links.

  2. curvifoliate says:

    here are some archives from the website with some articles [external link] …

  3. sobbing says:

  4. fLwrite says:

    Here is one from N.G. Explorer on “Wind At Work”, (I hope this is helpful): [external link] …Or, you can go here and type in any topic you may be interested in (the search box is in the upper-right)…you will then be shown a list of articles on that topic. [external link]