Hiroshima Bombing Assignment?

Ok, I have a three page essay to write for Honors English II about the Hiroshima bombing, and I need a LOT of help...I just got the assignment today and it's due on monday -_-I need to know the names of the leaders of the Axis powers, but I can't find it, my JROTC teacher doesn't know how to spell their names (besides Hitler's), and I have no World History class.I need to know how far the Axis' rule spread, where they'd taken over.I need to know where Hitler died.And I need to know about the monumental buildings left up after the bombing of Hiroshima.Please, I can find the rest of the info, I just need this. Thank you

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  1. frangibility says:

    The 3 Axis Powers were: Germany: Nazi leader Adolf Hitler. Italy: Prime Minister Benito Mussolini. Japan: Prime Minister Tojo Hideki. They promised to fight against communism and never interfere with each other’s foreign takeovers. Hitler committed suicide.The generally accepted cause of the death of Adolf Hitler on April 30, 1945 is suicide by gunshot and cyanide poisoning.

  2. heel says:

    Adolf Hitler(germany)Mussolini(italy)Not sure about JapanHitler died in Germany-he commited suicide. Sorry, I don’t know anymore! Try google.ca or wikipedia.org, and type in Hiroshima or world war 2 Hope this helps:)

  3. bust says:

    You can easily find all of this on your own. First,Google “Axis Powers Leaders”That takes care of that one.Now Google “Axis Powers Map”That should show you the countries they controlledGoogle “Hitler death” and you’ll find that answerNow, Google “Hiroshima aftermath” and that should get you the last.I’m confident if you are in honors English and can use Y!A, you can handle Google.EDIT: Here are original documents relating to the decision to drop the bomb — hopefully they will help you: [external link] …