Is this a good introduction for my essay?

Here it is my intro.... my essay is what is the significance of the title, A Separate Peace. Does it sound good and is all gramatically correct? The Separate Peace is a coming of age novel that focuses on a flashback to fifteen years ago on Gene, a pessimistic teenage boy and his journey through life at Devon Academy during World War II with his roommate, and best friend Phineas. The phrase "separate peace" is a term usually used within the military. "It refers to a nation's agreement to cease military hostilities with another, even though the former country had previously entered into a military alliance with other states that remain at war with the latter country." In the story, however, it can be interpreted in several different ways what the "separate peace" is, and why it is so important and central to the story to award it such a fitting title.

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3 Responses to “Is this a good introduction for my essay?”

  1. shrinky says:

    Your essay prompt is “what is the significance of the title.”If your essay was meant to be informative you get an A, unless your in college then I give you a B, because even college informatives are supposed to be somewhat interesting.

  2. articulatory says:

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  3. sporidiferous says:

    Reword the last sentence because it doesn’t sound right. And if you want it to flow better, try getting rid of “to be” verbs (is,was,were) and maybe an attention getter? Also, I don’t know exactly how your teacher grades papers, but you might need to cite the source of the quote you have, or make it a blended quote. Other than that great job!