What is a background knowledge of an essay?

INTRODUCTION Provides Background Information necessary for understanding Title and author Brief summary or definition Thesis – Argument to be proven Must use ACTIVE VERB BODY PARAGRAPHS Used as data to support thesis statement Topic sentence – Read 1st sentence then ask yourself if your whole paragraph is about this topic Explain topic, add supporting details to topic SPECIFIC EXAMPLE 1. Background information – what the reader needs to know to understand the example 2. Quotation that proves your point 3. Explain how this example proves topic Conclusion – Explain how topic proves thesis CONCLUSION (OR SO WHAT?) How is your thesis accurate? What else could help prove or disprove your thesis? Why is knowledge of the thesis of value? Why does the author construct the text in this way? How does knowledge that your thesis is true affect the reading of the text?

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  1. malaivon says:

    It matters what type. It is a narrative, (story) or a presauive.. (to presude someone to beilieve the way you do..)I am pretty good at them. I love writing stories and historical papers. xD