..Queen Elizabeth a good leader!(:?

So I have to do a 3 page essay explaining what makes Queen Elizabeth a great leader, her traits positive or negative. What allowed her to succeed or fail. Does anyone know a great web site that can give me good information,Or help me in any way!?

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4 Responses to “..Queen Elizabeth a good leader!(:?”

  1. caroa says:

    There were a couple of pretty nice boats named after them…lol…the QE1 and the QE2

  2. haaften says:

    Margaret George has written a NOVEL (not a piece of history) about Elizabeth I. It is based on historical fact, but it might give you an idea why people are fascinated with the character of Elizabeth I.Alison Weir writes novels as well, but Elizabeth I is a biography. You might read it or read some of the reviews.Read the wikipedia site for background information, but be careful not to copy anything as you will get busted.

  3. peases says:

    Why don’t you try researching the topic?

  4. zandmole says:

    Elizabeth I or Elizabeth II? It makes a huge difference. The first was one of the last of the absolute rulers in the west, whereas the second, while much admired, has never really been the “leader” of anything. Her role is symbolic and ceremonial.So, figure out which one you mean and then just enter that queen’s name into Google. There are many, many websites for both, and a vast number of useful books that you can find in libraries and that are better than anything available online.It’s up to YOU to do the necessary research. We can’t tell you what you to say. You have to figure that out for yourself.