I need set expressions in Spanish using avoidance of the passive voice!?

I have two Spanish exams coming up where i need to write an essay and include at least one phrase avoiding the passive voice. So, are there any set phrases in Spanish avoiding the passive voice that could be used in pretty much any essay?(by the way i dont mean just using the active voice, I mean a phrase like "la casa se construyó" - but a phrase that could be used a lot)

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2 Responses to “I need set expressions in Spanish using avoidance of the passive voice!?”

  1. jaseyed says:

    Spanish tends to avoid the passive voice by substituting the reflexive. There is also what I used to call “the reflexive of irresponsibility” using phrases like “se me cayo” instead of “I dropped” or even “se me olvido” for I forgot.

  2. dashwheel says:

    Unfortunately i learnt my spanish as a young child in ” the village” so im not up on all the passive etc. but this one is used quite commonly…No vale la pena