Any good irish history sites- preferably for prehistory/archeaology?

I'm doing a research paper, and i have to find an irish monument from any period... it has to be a 1500 word essay. Any suggestions? I was thinking of the Lia Fail (Stone of Destiny) found at the Hill of Tara.Thanks!

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3 Responses to “Any good irish history sites- preferably for prehistory/archeaology?”

  1. hunk's says:

    Here’s a few for you…I’ve used the first and third links often, they are reliable. The others I searched out for you. Good Luck! Hibernia (ancient Ireland) was truly an awe inspiring place!

  2. reawaken says:

    google william wallace.

  3. crosa says:

    Newgrange, Nowth, Dowth, and Tara.